Consumer & Industrial Electronics

Consumer & Industrial Electronics

Effective is the go-to UX partner for high technology companies.

In fact, one of our largest clients is Honeywell, a company that understands the value of design excellence in maintaining their leadership in the industrial sector. We’re working together to help Honeywell drive faster growth and higher margins by making their products work better every day.

For instance, we designed and helped Honeywell build the user experience for eVance, a cloud-based fire-safety software suite. Together, Honeywell and Effective delivered this game-changing desktop and mobile user experience to improve and streamline real-time monitoring of fire safety systems. Winner of the Honeywell Life Safety Human Factors Gold Award, eVance was featured in Honeywell CEO David Cote’s presentation at the 2014 Honeywell Investors conference to showcase his company’s commitment to user experience excellence.

Pictured Below:

  1. Interface detail of Honeywell's eVance Service Manager
  2. Detail of visual design concepts for Honeywell's eVance mobile application
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