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The healthcare industry has been in the midst of significant change for a number of years, and that change seems to be the only constant in the future of the industry. At EffectiveUI, we believe these three key areas of focus are crucial to creating successful experiences and digital products amidst a sea of transformation.

  1. Changes in regulations and policies are prompting new patient care strategies and business models. These shifts require the type of innovation that a human-centered approach can foster.
  2. Expectations of patients are changing: they are no longer recipients of a service, but participants 
in a process. Products and experiences should facilitate, not hinder that process.
  3. Interactions in the healthcare space can be highly charged with emotion. It is critical that we create experiences that cater to the user’s emotional state.

Shift to value-based care

The shift from fee-for-service to value-based care has great implications on current healthcare business models. It necessitates a new way of thinking about care delivery and patient service, requiring the type of innovation that a human-centered approach can facilitate. EffectiveUI can help your business with ideas to reimagine and implement new processes, procedures, and systems to provide a new standard of patient care that reduces risk.


EffectiveUI worked with a national kidney care provider to determine how to support clinicians in the transition from a fee-for-service to a value-based care model. Our insights informed the creation of new tools and workflows that guide clinicians through new care procedures.

Patients as consumers

With easy access to online tools and content, patients are more digitally connected and informed than ever before. They are becoming more involved in their healthcare decisions and expect to partner with providers rather than simply taking instruction from them. In addition, the bar for usability is rising, and patients, like all consumer segments, have very little tolerance for poor digital experiences. Our design and product expertise can bring your digital products and customer touchpoints to the level they expect.


EffectiveUI worked with a large national health insurance company to define a new digital product strategy in order to attract and retain an increasingly important customer segment: the direct-to-consumer market. Our team created a series of fresh, new digital experiences that were vital to the company's success in the highly competitive space.

Designing for the emotion of healthcare

Trying to figure out how much a procedure will cost, finding the right physician, delivering care and services to patients, understanding a newly diagnosed condition, and so many other interactions regarding health and well-being are heavily weighted with emotion. Gaining empathy for users is a key component of our human- centered approach, and our ability to translate that empathy into the digital experience is critical to the success of your customer touchpoints.


EffectiveUI worked with an international cancer care network that has a compassionate, patient-centered focus in their hospitals. The EffectiveUI team conducted research and created an online experience to mirror the feeling of care and support that patients experience in-person.

Healthcare partners we have served

  • National and specialty care providers
  • Global pharmaceutical organizations
  • Medical software providers
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Patient engagement solutions companies

Pictured Below:

  1. Moodboards used to guide the visual design of the TriZetto website
  2. Detailed layout grid and wireframe for the TriZetto website
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1 Moodboards used to guide the visual design of the TriZetto website
2 Layout grid and wireframe for the TriZetto website