A screen view of Water For People’s Data Visualization and Reporting tool



At Effective, our passion for helping others extends across the globe, as we use our expertise to support humanitarian efforts worldwide.

Spanning nine countries and 30 districts, Water For People strives to provide sustainable water and sanitation access for “Everyone Forever.” To support this goal, Effective reinvented the non-profit’s data reporting platform to report progress, aggregate data and provide critical updates to field officers.

Working with Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Effective designed an online experience to provide prospective patients a preview of what to expect at the hospital. Extending CTCA's renowned welcoming environment to the digital platform was instrumental in making patients as comfortable as possible throughout the patient journey.

To provide people affected by cancer a platform to tell their stories, Effective worked with the Discovery Channel to create an immersive site for users to upload poems, pictures, video or audio. Launched in just 10 weeks, the site allows people to share their experience and engage with others around the world affected directly or indirectly by cancer.

Looking forward, we are excited to help Measures for Justice toward their goal of flagging and fixing systemic problems in the American criminal justice system.

Pictured Below:

  1. Data visualization for Water For People's redesigned data reporting tool. 
  2. Screen from Cancer Treatment Centers of America's website detailing the patient's journey. 
  3. The home screen from Discovery Channel's immersive digital platform for people affected by cancer. 
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1 A display of Water for People’s data analysis and metrics reported in the year 2014
2 Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s screen detailing steps for patients before coming to the hospital
3 The home page of Discovery Channel’s immersive digital platform that provides an exceptional user experience for people to engage with those affected by cancer.