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Digital Strategy:
Defining the Approach

Digital Strategy: Defining the Approach

Transforming insight into ideas, and collaboratively shaping those ideas into concrete plans for implementation, is at the heart of Effective’s strategy work.

For organizations hungry to reinvent some significant aspect of their business or industry, we host digital innovation summits. At these events we build upon the insights gathered through research by engaging our diverse network in associational and exploratory thinking.

We emerge from these sessions with great ideas. But to develop actionable strategy, we quickly shift from discovery mode into delivery mode, wherein we apply sophisticated analysis, planning and implementation skills to help organizations chart the path forward.

Knowing that some teams are more prepared than others to change the game, we have developed a set of workshops designed to improve organizational readiness.

“EffectiveUI has catalyzed thinking from the executive staff throughout eBay and its developer community as to what the experience of eBay can be.”

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Key Strategy Activities

  • Digital innovation summits
  • Digital ecosystem strategy
  • Emerging technology strategy
  • Mobile strategy
  • Business case development
  • Product roadmap development