Effective Notebook


About the time EffectiveUI came along in 2005, digital agencies were using Adobe Flash to make, well, flashy websites. Although many were creating beautiful interfaces, they weren’t creating high-utility applications.

System integrators, on the other hand, were building complex applications but treated the interface as an afterthought; And it showed. We saw an opportunity to bridge that gap.

Using the Flash platform and Flex SDK, we focused on creating high-utility applications with effective user interfaces.

We believed then, as we do now, that the interface between people and technology makes or breaks the success of every digital product, application and experience. So we decided to call our company EffectiveUI.

National Geographic magazines and laptop

Those early years were marked by some true success stories. In our first year of existence, we built a rich Internet application for United Airlines.

This application saved the company approximately $2.5-million annually, highlighting our ability to streamline enterprise workflows and improve margin. A few years later we built a new UI layer on top of a cumbersome Oracle PeopleSoft application to streamline bug tracking across Adobe’s 183,000 SKUs, saving millions per year in development costs.

Shortly thereafter, National Geographic hired us to transform one of the world’s most iconic magazines into an award-winning digital product: The Complete National Geographic. Even today, the product remains a best-seller in their store, generating millions in incremental revenue for the brand.

User interacting with iPad

In 2010, the iPad came out. Almost overnight Flash and Flex were left without much of a future, and the fact that we were one of the top Flex shops in the world no longer mattered.

What did matter is the reputation we had established in UI/UX and digital innovation, which we then brought to bear across a broader range of technologies, paying special attention to mobile.

The very next year, the 2011 SD Times 100 identified EffectiveUI as one of six top leaders and innovators in mobile, alongside Google, Apple, Motorola and a pair of open-source projects. In 2012, WPP acquired our company to gain a leadership position in UX, while enabling us to retain operational autonomy.

EffectiveUI offices logo

Ten years in, it’s interesting to see the growth of the UX space that we helped pioneer. Thousands of firms now claim an expertise in UX …

although in most cases UX is just a small part of what they do. In our case, UX remains at the heart of everything we do.

But looking back over the last 10 years, what sets us apart is not just our long-standing devotion to user experience. What truly differentiates us is our ability to solve complex problems.

That’s why today we are the go-to UX partner for highly technical companies, including industry leaders within aerospace and aviation, biotech, defense, electronics, energy, finance and telecom.