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Create better experiences for patients, payers, providers, and other professionals in the healthcare industry

We partner with companies to design meaningful experiences that provide value to patients, providers, payers, and other professionals in the healthcare industry to meet the needs of both people and the business. Combining our healthcare industry knowledge with our measurable, human-centered design approach, we assess the complete ecosystem of user touchpoints to design strategies and tools for a better experience.

In our years of experience working in the industry with leading innovators we have found the following areas are critical to consider in creating solutions that are embraced by the user, result in measurable success, and drive toward business outcomes, whether that’s reducing costs, streamlining processes, or implementing consistent experiences across large organizations.

  1. Shift to value-based care

    As the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care continues, healthcare organizations will need to understand the complete ecosystem of patient needs and outcomes. Effective’s measurable, human-centered approach provides powerful insight into the experiences of all stakeholders involved, and informs actionable strategies to reimagine and implement new processes, procedures, and systems for a new, higher-quality standard of patient care.

    Contact us to learn how Effective collaborated with a national kidney care provider to support clinicians in the organizational shift to a value-based care model.

  2. Consumerization of healthcare

    As quality, consistency, ease of use, and value of digital touchpoints across industries continue to improve, so do the expectations of healthcare consumers. The patient experience is a major differentiator in the marketplace, with well-designed experiences contributing to retention, loyalty, and value perception. Well-designed experiences can also facilitate a more participatory process of care, aligning with emerging patient expectations.

    Contact us to see how Effective partnered with a large national health insurance company to define a new digital product strategy to attract and retain an increasingly important customer segment: the direct-to-consumer market.

  3. Deliver on the brand promise

    Whether it’s the evolving competitive healthcare landscape, the emerging technology that is revamping how patients receive care, or the highly emotional nature of healthcare interactions, it is more important than ever for companies to consistently deliver on their brand promise and provide the experience that users need. Building empathy for users is a key component of our human-centered approach, and our ability to translate that empathy into the holistic user experience is critical to the success of customer touchpoints, digital or otherwise.

Pictured Below:

  1. Moodboards used to guide the visual design of the TriZetto website
  2. Detailed layout grid and wireframe for the TriZetto website
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1 Moodboards used to guide the visual design of the TriZetto website
2 Layout grid and wireframe for the TriZetto website