Visualization of telecom company Level 3’s network activity



When Level 3 sought to reinvent the way they track worldwide network throughput, they enlisted the help of Effective.

In creating a real-time, dynamic view of their global operations, we utilized the Google Earth API and integrated a multitude of complex data sets.

Our work extended to the creation of MyLevel3, an interactive, award-winning portal that offers enterprise and wholesale customers a new level of control and flexibility. They can now manage their telecommunications services with an intuitive, comprehensive toolset born from extensive user research.

In addition, we created an application that allows the Level 3 inside sales team to provide quotes for 95% of incoming calls within five minutes. To accelerate the quoting process from hours to minutes, the app utilizes dynamic data flow and integrates with Salesforce and eight separate legacy systems.

Pictured Below:

  1. Visualization of Level 3’s network activity, created for the lobby of their headquarters
  2. Wireframe of MyLevel3 customer portal
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1 Visualization of Level 3’s network activity
2 Wireframe of MyLevel3 customer portal